Make A Regency Gown

  In an age before preprinted patterns, dressmakers would look at the illustration of a gown in a fashion plate or magazine and make a pattern based on the picture. If they were lucky, a fashion doll (not unlike Barbie,for so many of us!) would be available wearing a small representation of the fashionable style, which the seamstress could then study to better understand the construction of the gown. "Draping a Toile" was the term used when the seamstress created a pattern by simply draping and pinning inexpensive fabric to create a sample of the dress, from which the actual gown can be made. A "toile" was simply the mock up of the gown before it was finished. The following pattern should be attempted only by experienced sewers. The illustration shows a blue and white striped silk gown with velvet appliqué. It is possible to make this with the included pattern-- but only after enlarging it (click on the pattern to see it full size, and ready to print) to the size indicated...and "draping a toile". So go ahead-- what are you waiting for? Create a dress the way Jane Austen's would have been made! Visit our online giftshop for costume patterns, ready made dresses and more!


I’m confused.

mjm July 26, 2020

go to youtube to find out how to draft a pattern that will fit you, they are shown in normal or princess style (that is the style of the bodice shown above) then using the above pattern draft it to fit yourself. The measurements would have been different for every person in period so that is why actual measurements aren’t usually given on period style patterns. I started out totally reliant on purchased patterns to make everything before getting fed up and learning to draft my own designs and I am so pleased I did. Am going to use this pattern to make a dress for my daughter first and then for myself using a cheap cotton sheet for the under dress and a cheap sari for the over dress (not using period style fabrics, just the cheapest I can find that will look good and can be worn).

Ivlia July 26, 2020

I tried to get the pattern shown..clicked on image as an error message.

mimisnana July 26, 2020

Me too – and what size is it supposed to be anyway?

Mips July 26, 2020

Well that was disappointing.

sunnylea July 26, 2020

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