A last minute Jane Austen gift guide

Christmas gift selection

Christmas can really creep up on you, especially in a year like this, which feels all at once like it's sped by and crawled along at a glacial pace. Not to worry, we've got all of your Jane Austen gift needs covered in our gift shop. With so much choice, I thought I'd help you out with some top tips. Quickly now! Last post is this Friday. We offer gift wrapping too!

The Stocking Filler

Jane Austoe Socks - JaneAusten.co.uk

Maybe you've got most of the Christmas shopping down and you just have to iron out the last few bits and bobs. For this, we'd recommend the Jane Austoe Socks, because- let's be honest- we all do really appreciate a good pair of socks. Or perhaps, if you think socks won't be well recieved, this Jane Austen Tea Blend might suit them.  For someone more practical, or perhaps a younger giftee, this pencilcase could be useful.

The Significant Other

Beautiful Silver and Turquoise Jane Austen Pendant Necklace - JaneAusten.co.uk

It might be the case that you've stumbled upon this blog whilst stumped for a gift for your Janeite partner! Our replica necklace would make a stunning gift.  If you're looking for something a bit more whimsical, what about a teapot?

The Bookworm

100 Books - Scratch Off Bucket List - JaneAusten.co.uk

What to you get for the person who's read everything? This neat scratch off 100 Books Bucket List. If they love to organise their library, it might be handy to get them a personal library kit. Maybe your safest bet, however, is just to get them another book.

The Kitchen Whizz

Dinner With Mr Darcy - Recipe Book - Signed By The Author - JaneAusten.co.uk

Got a friend who loves to cook? We have a good few recipe books on offer, includding this great signed edition of Dinner with Mr Darcy. Alternatively, you could get them Jane Austen Oven Gloves.

What are you getting the Janeite in your life? We have all of this and so much more on our shop.


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