The Power of the Written Wordle

A Wordle. It sounds like something from Dr. Seuss-- and yet, these word clouds, originally used as a way to gauge the content of a site or database, can be remarkably attractive and even addicting to create! Created using Now, thanks to Jonathan Feinberg's site, anyone can create their own wordle using text, or even a web address. You choose your fonts, colors, orientation (horizontal or vertical....or both!), then sit back and let the fun begin. I'll give you one truth, univerally acknowleged... once you start, you won't be able to stop! Simply paste in your text and let the editor do the rest. Once the text has been cataloged, you can edit away to your heart's content. Created using Save them to the gallery to share... post them on your site... (you can even keep them to yourself using "print screen" and an editing program!) Imagine Jane Austen's letters.... This wordle was created for the blog using Or even the letters from her books! Created using Created using

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