A Jane Austen Christmas Ornament

This adorable ornament makes a great gift for the Jane Austen addict in your life. It's simple to create and once you have the pattern down, fun to modify-- try creating your favorite hero or heroine!

You will need:

  • One plain, wooden non pinching clothespin (sometimes called a dollpin)
  • Printed pattern pieces: click here to download
  • 4”x4” square of felt
  • Small bit of curly doll hair
  • 12" each Narrow Lace trim and narrow ribbon
  • One small feather
  • Black paint, paintbrush
  • Black fine tipped pen
  • Red fine tipped pen
  • Gold thread and needle
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Craft glue or glue gun (preferred)


  1. Paint Jane’s shoes black. Add her eyes and mouth with pens, once paint is dry.
  2. While paint is drying, cut out pattern pieces. You will need one skirt and two arms.
  3. Glue lace trim to bottom edge of skirt.
  4. Wrap skirt piece around Jane’s body and glue in place. Run a bead of glue down the underside of the seam along the back to fix the fabric in place.   Hem should end slightly above her shoes.
  5. Wrap narrow ribbon around her waist about 1/4" down from her neckline. Tie ribbon in a bow at the back
  6. Glue arms in place at shoulder height. Glue a feather or feather shaped bit of felt in one hand to represent a pen.
  7. Wrap narrow lace around her neck and shoulders and tie at ribbon-belt height, trim ends creating a fichu or scarf look.
  8. Roll doll hair into a slight ball with a few curls hanging down the back. Glue in place so that there are a few curls in front as well.
  9. Tie small piece of ribbon around her hair to act as a bandeau or headband.
  10. Thread your needle with gold thread. Sew a loop on the top back of Jane’s gown and knot, so that she can now hang as a Christmas ornament.
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