Create a Jane Austen Christmas Tree Ornament

Although Jane Austen likely never had a Christmas tree, you can hang a bit of Austen whimsey on your own tree this year with this easy to make ornament, recycled out of a discarded edition of Austen's works.This is also a lovely favor for an Austen party (Jane's Birthday is coming up on December 16th!) Take one page of any of Austen's works (or print text from her novels onto both sides of a sheet of paper) and cut it into eight strips about 3/4" wide. Set two strips aside and cut 1/2" from two more strips. Cut 1" from two more and 1 1/2" from the last two. Stack your strips in two piles, with the longest strip on the bottom, and so on until the shortest strip is on top. Place the two piles "face to face" with the short strips facing each other, and staple the bottom of the strips together. Gently guide the top ends of the strips together until they are even (the paper will bulge slightly to the sides) Separate your piles again and this time pinch them together with the tallest strips touching (creating a heart shape) Staple the strips together again, inside the heart. Form a loop of ribbon and place it in the center, where the strips meet. Staple the strips together again, a bit higher this time (to create a true heart shape), making sure to catch the ribbon in the staple, for hanging. Fluff the pages a bit and add a bow to the front. You can buy Christmas ornament kits at our, click here.

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