Create an Upcycled Jane Austen Votive Candle Holder

How To Make Your Own Upcycled Jane Austen Candle

This little up cycled Jane Austen candle holder is deceptively simple. Using upcycled pages from one of Jane Austen's novels, you can, in a few minutes, create one, or dozens of these little charmers, guaranteed to chase away the last of winter's shadows and add a romantic glow to any room. You will need the following materials:

  • Mod Podge
  • A small, straight sided glass votive holder
  • A page from one of Austen's novels
  • A pencil
  • A foam/sponge brush
  • scissors
  • a small silhouette of Jane Austen (print our, below)
  1. Cut the paper about 1/2" longer than the height of your candle holder and wrap it around the glass until it overlaps slightly at the back or sides. I usually cut the paper in half (top and bottom) and wrap the the top half around the votive, using the additional piece to supplement the back and cut the bottom circle. Judicious cutting will allow you to feature favorite quotes or scenes.
  2. Trace the bottom of your glass on to an additional piece of paper, cut out and reserve for later.
  3. Slice vertically into the paper strip about 3/4" up at 1/4" intervals, along the bottom of your paper.
  4. Coat the back of your paper with Mod Podge, using the sponge brush.
  5. Align the paper along the top edge of your votive holder and wrap the paper around the glass until it overlaps at the seam
  6. Carefully turn the votive over and tuck each flap down, overlapping as necessary, to create a neat circle at the bottom. Sometimes these votive holders are tapered slightly at the bottom. Cutting up a bit further than the bottom edge, will allow you to ease the paper along the natural lines of the glass.
  7. Coat the reserved circle of paper with mod podge and paste over the bottom of your votive holder.
  8. Trim along the top, as necessary, to make sure all the paper lines up with the top edge of the glass
  9. Add your Austen decal (I use a small self stick vinyl cut out) and an additional coat of Mod Podge.
  10. Let dry, upside down, for at least an hour, preferably on a baker's rack to avoid having it stick.
  11. Add your own votive candle, light and enjoy!

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