How to Paint Watercolour Roses and Landscapes

"They are very pretty, ma'am -- an't they?" But then again the dread of having been too civil, too encouraging herself, probably came over her, for she presently added, -- "Do you not think they are something in Miss Morton's style of painting, ma'am? -- She does paint most delightfully! -- How beautifully her last landscape is done!" "Beautifully indeed! But she does everything well." Sense and Sensibility
  Pencil sketches filled in with watercolours, are a ladylike accomplishment and produce lovely items to hang in one's drawing room or sitting room. if one has a taste for the picturesque, one's productions can be truly artistic! So offers author Margaret Sullivan in her Jane Austen Handbook, and even a basic knowledge of Austen's works prove this to be true. Heroines are often noted for their artistic ability...or lack thereof...and who could forget the famous drawing scene in Emma and the confusion that it causes! Jane Austen's sister was an accomplished artist in her own right and her humorous paintings for The History of England were the first illustration's Austen's work received. Cassandra's other subjects included her niece Fanny Knight as well as her sister Jane, giving us the only two authenticated portraits of the author currently known. The most common subjects for painting during the Regency were family members, landscapes and floral decorations. Landscape painting is not difficult but does require some sketching ability. For an easy way to begin, try these instructions: How to Paint a Landscape. Today, we will paint a lovely bouquet of summer roses. This lesson is provided by Rod Webb who offers a variety of free Watercolor lessons on his website. To begin, save and print the provided sketched rose template onto a piece of watercolour paper. Once you have your basic sketch in place, you are ready to start painting! Items you will need: A sturdy painting surface Watercolour paper (print image onto it) Water Paint brushes Masking fluid (optional) A variety of watercolour Paints Colors used in this lesson: Greens Blues Reds Rose Madder Raw Sienna Burnt Umber   Continue on to Page One of this lesson      
    Rod Webb was born and raised in Southampton, England. He attended art classes in school and in 1974 moved to New Zealand. Rod began painting 9 years ago after watching videos of well known artists. As a self taught artist working mainly in watercolours and acrylics, his main interest is in local scenes and still life paintings. Visit Rod's website for other easy to follow Watercolour instructions and printable pages, or order one of his tutorial CD-Roms. Step by Step Painting Lessons on PC CD-rom Disc 1 14 Complete step by step watercolour painting lessons. 22 Watercolour painting articles on techniques and materials and accesories. Painting lessons include printable line drawings. 150 Royalty free photo's included in the photo gallery.   Step by Step Painting Lessons on PC CD-rom Disc 2 12 Complete step by step watercolour painting lessons. Painting lessons include printable line drawings. 3 Technical articles. 150 Royalty free photo's included in the photo album.  

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