Make Your Own Jane Austen Soap

A while back I posted about preparing for a Jane Austen themed Bridal shower. As it happened, my daughter needed a gift for said shower and was determined on making soap to go with the towels we had purchased from the bridal registry.  Inspiration struck after talking with a  friend and the result was adorable! We used Ivory Soap and water to create a mouldable soap base which we then formed in our Jane Austen Cookie Cutters. soap2 Soap made using the Jane Austen Cookie Cutter
Materials: 1 bar Ivory Soap Microwave safe plate and microwave Mixer of some kind Warm Water Jane Austen Cookie Cutters (one per soap bar- they need to dry in place) Oil or shortening for greasing cookie cutters
To start, we used the instructions from Ourbestbites to create Soap Clouds with a bar of Ivory Soap. Let me tell you, this was an adventure in itself, and highly entertaining for the children-- so much so that they had to repeat the process for Daddy when he came home from work! Basically, take a bar of ivory soap, place it on a microwave safe dish (I used a glass pie plate) and microwave it for a few minutes, until it has created a "cloud" of soap. It took about 2 minutes in our microwave, but we used grated soap to start with. It was fascinating to watch! Once the soap had cooled, it was easy to crumble into tiny flakes (do this part over a bowl). Then, using either a hand or stand mixer or food processor, add warm water, a bit at a time until the soap has become a malleable consistency. They say to take a bit in your palm and squeeze it tight to check the texture. Finally, we filled a few of my (greased) Jane Austen cookie cutters with the soap mixture. I filled mine to the brim, on a cookie sheet, and then flipped them over so that both sides would be nice and flat. Finally, we let them sit out over night. By morning they were dry enough to pop free (carefully! Jane's neck is a little narrow and susceptible to breakage)
 Laura Boyle is the author of Cooking with Jane Austen and Friends. Through her shop Austentation: Regency Accessories, she offers a large range of custom made hats, bonnets, reticules and Jane Austen related items.