Polyvore Art

Polyvore ? Jane Austen? Just what do these two have in common? Well-- actually it's a new way to enjoy your Jane Austen addiction (come on, you know you have one! You are reading this, right??!) as well as shop for fabulous Austen related or inspired clothing and accessories. Check out these great pages made by some of our own Jane Austen Centre Staff:  
Jane Austen
By now you are probably wondering, "So what is this, anyway (and how can *I* get started!)" Well-- a quick trip to the Polyvore site offers all you need to know. "Polyvore is redefining how people around the world experience, create and shop for fashion on the Internet.Polyvore's easy-to-use virtual styling tool lets people mix and match products from any online store to create their own fashion collections called "sets"...With over 6 million unique visitors and 140 million pageviews per month, Polyvore is the largest fashion community site in the world." Still not sure how to start? Follow these 6 easy steps How to Make a Collage on Polyvore.com. Soon you too will be immersed in your own Polyvore Addiction. And while you are online, why don't you become a fan of the Jane Austen centre on Facebook Explore our giftshop for items featured on polyvore! Feel free to use them for your own collages.

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