An Easy Upcycled Floral Brooch Tutorial

How to make your own Upcycled Floral Brooch

rose To make this lovely rose pin, you will need:
  • 1 page from a book (Austen? I keep a copy of P&P just for projects) or choose pretty patterned paper.
  • 1 Floral Template
  • 1 brooch or bar pin
  • 1 pearl bead
  • Scissors, craft glue or glue gun
  • Green Paint and paintbrush (or green paper)
Floral Template. Print and size according to personal taste.
Steps for cutting flower shapes.
  1. Using your template, cut three flower shapes from your paper— one will need a hole in the center (A), the other two should be solid (B & C).
  2. Take the solid flowers and cut one petal from flower B.
  3. Cut two petals from flower C to create your last set of flower petals (D).
  4. Using a pencil, gently roll each flower petal under to create an “open rose” look.
  5. Take flower B. Overlap petals 2 & 4 and glue in place, creating a cone shaped, 3 petal flower.
  6. Take flower C. Overlap petals 1 & 3 and glue in place, creating a cone shaped, 2 petal flower.
  7. Take flower D. Roll the petals into a cone and glue in place
  8. Gently roll the petals outward once again.
  9. Glue flower B inside flower A by pushing the end of the cone through the hole in the center.
  10. Cut the point off the bottom of Flower C and glue in place inside flower B.
  11. Glue flower D, deep inside flower C, pushing the point as far in as possible.
  12. Glue a pearl inside the center of Flower D.
  13. Cut leaf shapes from remaining paper. Paint green.
  14. Turn your rose over. Glue rose leaves in place on the back so that they peek out from behind your rose.
  15. Finish your rose by gluing the bar pin to the back of the flower.
For the visual learners out there, here is a similar tutorial on how to make an up cycled floral brooch using a flower with six petals. It also makes a lovely rose for pins, or decoration.
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