A Valentine's Gift Guide: Austen Enthusiast Edition

The dreaded Valentine's Day approacheth! O, the horror! Valentine's Day can be unduly stressful - maybe you've got a tough nut to crack when it comes to gifts, or maybe you don't quite know where you stand yet. In the world of Austen, we know only too well the slings and arrows of romance, so we're here to lighten your burden. Here's your guide to some of the highlights of our Valentine's Day offers. Check out the full collection and get 15% off at checkout here.

For the Uninitiated

Your significant other has never read Austen and you're just not sure if they can fully get you without having at least dipped their toe in the Austen pond. This is a pretty easy one. Obviously, you have to get them a copy of one of her books, and we have a beautiful range of luxury hardback editions that make excellent gifts. Which one will you pick though? Will you go for one of the big hitters like Emma? Or maybe you feel like they have to read Persuasion to really understand you at your core?

For the We-Just-Got-Together-And-We're-Taking-It-Slow

Your partner is an Austen fan, you know that, but it's still early days. You don't want to overdo it, but you feel like you should make a demonstration of your affections. This can be a tricky one to get right. Perhaps a selection of Hunky Austen Coasters might get a laugh, or maybe an I Heart Mr Darcy tote would be a useful and thoughtful gesture for someone who carries a lot of books around. 
For the Long-Term Lovers 

You and your partner have done a few trips round the sun now and, if you're being honest, gift-giving just seems to get trickier and trickier. You could spice things up with a Jane Austen Matchmaking Board Game. Perhaps you're beginning to build a life together, and collecting trinkets and decor is all part of that. We have plenty of Austen themed decorations for your home, like this cute Lizzy Bennet ornament.
For the Committed - Like, Really Committed 

Maybe it is coming up time to - in the worlds of Queen Bey - put a ring on it. If your betrothed-to-be is a committed Austen enthusiast, you might consider our Jane Austen Replica Ring. If a proposal is not on the cards- maybe you're just looking to mark a special anniversary or another big occasion- then we have a selection of other replica and original jewellery for every taste. My personal favourites are the Garnet Heart Locket Necklace and the Jane Austen Novels Charm Bracelet.

For the Lonely Hearts 

I don't know about you, but I don't need much prompting to treat myself. Whether or not you have someone to spend Valentine's with this year, you shouldn't miss out on the great discounts in our online gift shop. If you're staying in for a pamper session, get yourself wrapped up in our Georgia Blue Blossom dressing gown and light our English Rose scented candle. 

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