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Jane Austen News - Issue 150

What's the Jane Austen News this week? 

A Call to Date Like Jane Austen Would Have  This week the Jane Austen News came across a lovely article published on Bustle. The article is a call to take a leaf out of the dating playbook (as it were) which was used in Jane Austen's era. It details some of the old-fashioned ways in which couples used to court one another and grow closer as a partnership. These were our favourites:
  • Take a long romantic walk together 
"Taking a long romantic walk was all the rage back in Jane Austen’s heyday, and it’s an underrated way to strengthen a bond with someone"
  • Go out dancing
In whatever style you like best!
  • Eat dinner together
It doesn't have to be a candlelit meal with five courses. Just spending time together in a shared activity is the important thing.
  • Writing love letters
"Texts and emails are fine, too. But throwing in the occasional hand-written note is something that can be a great way to express how you really feel about someone."
  • Create weekly rituals
"If you don't already have them, it may be time to create a few daily or weekly rituals that are all your own, just like couples did before life got so busy."
  • Bond over a board game 
Or a game of bridge with your neighbours. Or perhaps a game of badminton a la Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram.


We thought they sounded marvellous, and we'll definitely be doing our best to remember to take a few more romantic strolls and write more love letters. Sometimes the old ones and the best ones.

A Sunny Day Out in South California for Austen Fans

Jane Austen fans based in Southern California might like to know about an event due to take place this Sunday. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino is the location for the event (though it is not an event organised by The Huntington), during which "you will surely encounter people strolling in frocks boasting empire waists, not to mention suits that make have a particular Mr. Darcy-like pizzazz."

Members of the Historical Tea and Dance Society will be there, so there are sure to be some fantastic Regency outfits on display, count on seeing costumers and history buffs in their most resplendent Austen-elegant wear.

The event on Facebook is listed as running from 10-5, but those wishing to join the Jane Austen group photo should gather in the rose garden at 1pm. Entry fees to the Huntington will still apply.

Further details can be found at on the Facebook event page here.

Jane Austen in York 

Fishergate's Local History Society's first talk of the year , looking at the historic connection between Fulford and Jane Austen, went down swimming this past Saturday.

Society member Allan Francis gave an illustrated talk on the links he has researched between Captain Anthony Lefroy, Barrack Master at Fulford Cavalry Barracks, and the Pride and Prejudice author. The talk at St Oswald’s Church Hall, Main Street, Fulford, started at 10am and ended with refreshments and a discussion at midday. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

This Week's Recommended Read  Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal is a book whose release is highly anticipated by Jane Austen fans and non-fans alike. The book is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in modern-day Pakistan. It has been dubbed "an essential guide to marriage, class and sisterhood in modern-day Pakistan".
Synopsis: It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a family’s fortune is destroyed by scandal and rumour, they must look to their daughters to marry well. Alys Binat, however, loves life as it is: teaching English literature and encouraging her female students to aspire to more than society expects of them. She is resolute: she will not marry.   However, her mother thinks differently and when the family receive an invite to a big wedding, Mrs Binat immediately coaches her daughters to snag rich, eligible bachelors. There, Alys’s eldest sister, Jena, catches the eye of Fahad ‘Bungles’ Bingla, a successful entrepreneur, but Alys is irked when she overhears Bungles’ friend Valentine Darsee’s snobbish assessment of her. As the festivities unfold, the Binats hold their breath, waiting to see if Bungles will propose. And Alys realises that Darsee’s apparent rudeness and contempt may conceal a different man from the one she first judged him to be.
Unmarriageable by Soniah KamalAt the Jane Austen News we're very much looking forward to reading it, but we also have some exciting news about the book. Soniah Kamal has kindly agreed to do some signing for us, so in the near future we'll have signed copies of Unmarriageable available in our online gift shop! We're looking forward to getting hold of our copy and having a relaxing day of reading and we hope you might join us once the books arrive. We'll keep you posted!

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