The Necessaire

Open Box Travelers in Georgian times were expected to provide their own eating utensils. These sets were called necessaire and could include anything from a lowly bone-handled knife and fork to a sort of elaborate dressing case that includes gilded silverware and a cup. At first the forks in these sets were two tined and looked more like a meat fork. By Regency times forks had begun having three tines. The handles might be silver or ivory. The fiddle shaped handle was all the rage during the Regency. Closed Box These items were also taken along to parties as hostesses did not begin providing silverware for all their guests until the late 18th century. When during the Regency London surpassed Amsterdam to become the richest city in the world hosts flaunted their wealth with large dinner parties and huge sets of silverware and silver serving pieces.     Sharon Wagoner is the webmistress of The Georgian Index. Visit her site for a treasure trove of little know information about the Georgian period. A fascinating collection! Enjoyed this article? Browse our book shop at

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