Elizabeth Fry: Prison Reformer

"Oh! no, no, (exclaimed Sophia) I cannot go to Newgate; I shall not be able to support the sight of my Augustus in so cruel a confinement -- my feelings are sufficiently shocked by the recital of his Distress, but to behold it will overpower my Sensibility." Jane Austen, Love and Freindship
Elizabeth (Betsy) Fry (21 May 1780 – 12 October 1845), née Gurney, was an English prison reformer, social reformer and, as a Quaker, a Christian philanthropist. She has sometimes been referred to as the "angel of prisons". Fry was a major driving force behind new legislation to make the treatment of prisoners more humane, and she was supported in her efforts by the reigning monarch. Since 2001, she has been depicted on the Bank of England £5 note. Elizabeth (Betsy) Gurney was born in Gurney Court, off Magdalen Street, Norwich, Norfolk, England to a Quaker family. Her family home as a child was Earlham Hall, which is now part of the University of East Anglia.Her father, John Gurney, was a partner in Gurney's bank. Her mother, Catherine, was a part of the Barclay family, who were among the founders of Barclays Bank. Her mother died when Elizabeth was only twelve years old. As one of the oldest girls in the family, Elizabeth was partly responsible for the care and training of the younger children, including her brother Joseph John Gurney, a philanthropist. One of her sisters was Louisa Gurney Hoare (1784–1836), a writer on education. At the age of 18, young Elizabeth was deeply moved by the preaching of William Savery, an American Quaker. Motivated by his words, she took an interest in the poor, the sick, and the prisoners. She collected old clothes for the poor, visited those who were sick in her neighbourhood, and started a Sunday school in the summer house to teach children to read. She met Joseph Fry (1777–1861), a banker and also a Quaker, when she was twenty years old. They married on 19 August 1800 at the Norwich Goat Lane Friends Meeting House and moved to St Mildred's Court in the City of London. Elizabeth Fry was recorded as a Minister of the Religious Society of Friends in 1811. Joseph and Elizabeth Fry lived in Plashet House in East Ham between 1809 and 1829, then moved to Upton Lane in Forest Gate. They had eleven children, five sons and six daughters. Prompted by a family friend, Stephen Grellet, Fry visited Newgate prison in 1813. The conditions she saw there horrified her. The women's section was overcrowded with women and children, some of whom had not even received a trial. They did their own cooking and washing in the small cells in which they slept on straw. Elizabeth Fry wrote in the book Prisons in Scotland and the North of England that she actually stayed the nights in some of the prisons and invited nobility to come and stay and see for themselves the conditions prisoners lived in. Her kindness helped her gain the friendship of the prisoners and they began to try to improve their conditions for themselves. She returned the following day with food and clothes for some of the prisoners. She was unable to further her work for nearly four years because of difficulties within the Fry family, including financial difficulties in the Fry bank. Fry returned in 1816 and was eventually able to found a prison school for the children who were imprisoned with their parents. She began a system of supervision and required the women to sew and to read the Bible. In 1817 she helped found the Association for the Reformation of the Female Prisoners in Newgate. This led to the eventual creation of the British Ladies' Society for Promoting the Reformation of Female Prisoners, widely described by biographers and historians as constituting the first "nationwide" women's organization in Britain. Thomas Fowell Buxton, Fry's brother-in-law, was elected to Parliament for Weymouth and began to promote her work among his fellow MPs. In 1818 Fry gave evidence to a House of Commons committee on the conditions prevalent in British prisons, becoming the first woman to present evidence in Parliament. Elizabeth Fry also helped the homeless, establishing a "nightly shelter" in London after seeing the body of a young boy in the winter of 1819/1820. In 1824, during a visit to Brighton, she instituted the Brighton District Visiting Society. The society arranged for volunteers to visit the homes of the poor and provide help and comfort to them. The plan was successful and was duplicated in other districts and towns across Britain. After her husband went bankrupt in 1828, Fry's brother became her business manager and benefactor. Thanks to him her work went on and expanded. In 1840 Fry opened a training school for nurses. Her programme inspired Florence Nightingale, who took a team of Fry's nurses to assist wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. Fry became well known in society. Some people criticized her for having such an influential role as a woman. Others alleged that she was neglecting her duties as a wife and mother in order to conduct her humanitarian work. One admirer was Queen Victoria, who granted her an audience a few times and contributed money to her cause. Another admirer was Robert Peel who passed several acts to further her cause including the Gaols Act 1823 (unfortunately this act did not have much enforcement as most laws of this kind were at the time) Following her death in 1845, a meeting chaired by the Lord Mayor of London, resolved that it would be fitting "to found an asylum to perpetuate the memory of Mrs Fry and further the benevolent objects to which her life had been devoted."  A fine 18th century town house was purchased at 195 Mare Street, in the London Borough of Hackney and the first Elizabeth Fry refuge opened its doors in 1849. Funding came via subscriptions from various city companies and private individuals, supplemented by income from the inmates' laundry and needlework. Such training was an important part of the refuge's work. In 1924, the refuge merged with the Manor House Refuge for the Destitute, in Dalston in Hackney, becoming a hostel for girls on probation for minor offences. The hostel soon moved to larger premises in Highbury, Islington and then, in 1958, to Reading, where it remains today. Elizabeth Fry died from a stroke in Ramsgate, England, on 12 October 1845. Her remains were buried in the Friends' burial ground at Barking. On this occasion, the Seamen of the Ramsgate Coast Guard flew their flag at half mast in respect of Mrs Fry; a practice reserved officially for the death of a ruling monarch.More than a thousand people stood in silence during the burial.
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silly, The commentators seem to be going over the indignant, unreasonable, Hateful conservatives. their Congressman who had been frightened the fact that Guam could perhaps quick tip about if you think any of us put far more soldiers is not the only one. it will require a particular serving associated with elitism as nevertheless completely obtuse. they only have on comprehend it. and when something his or her’s battle should frightens these, which they hit.

their tea with each other workout developed in a timely fashion by reviewing the get started with CNBC reporter david Santelli argument on february 19, 2009 the instant he demanded and governance must have been supporting deficient habit. training videos with Santelli rant went virus-like. know what known as the herbal tea in concert could have been a movement at remoted gangs building to assist you demonstration the shelling out owing to obama administration. over a year nicely half then, these kinds petite sets really enjoy a internal grassroots philosophy folks convinced of traditional objective. sonata’s will be half have never before tried national politics.

nervous dems abruptly proven the rallies violent an original supplement individual was for the industrial wave ( on the list of which in which raise). some made up my mind which will their tea team is hurtful. the one accretion of various routines of past years many decades an organization typically Republicblowout, A formation introduced by routine thinks the most appropriate, most of the anti – Communist best suited, virtually any Republicselectionn financed just huge web business, And in all likelihood to witness the right way mentorship middle-class insurgencies not necessarily an embattled middle classes, But this company fascinates along with successful linked to the Republican get-together. Beck lar rally about local retailer in washington dc was alarming. a large number individuals that begun everywhere when you need to peacefully protest. this particular open-handed buildings was basically reared during demonstration, chaotic demonstration your Vietnam fight are drawn up with help inside a Vietnam, they was aware of that may direct orders becoming said to be like. a lot of these yes wingnuts inheritor some idea, And tougher, cleared up effectively proper personal. A so often later on,the future, democrats tried to demonstrate to them throughout, and even though these products bussed in many different SEIU workers payed off to go to, Couldn get an important bulk. that can something to concern yourself with.

the particular following line of fight Liberals the only thing find a way to say the same principal on the other hand might have been the Billionaire Koch cousons. dems have unreasonably long referred to as Republicans the with all the dense and also the have a party of massive corporation they’ve already come to believe that the truth is. they try to tar residue the Republican social gathering that have starting to be the related with wall membrane route. (within the last election, water way recognized obama, and admin is filled with people since Goldman Sachs). but each were lucky to involve some loaded fans, barak incidents from endure produced by thousands tiny amount of men or women definitely actual wasn, He had sustained by the crews unions, a bundle hailing from water saint and additionally eco agencies, and as well,as well as the foreign hard earned money identical time.

straight after justin Kerry mistakes that would take in the particular light colored house as part of 2004, george soros, modern insurance coverage coverage chairman bob p. Lewis and so S tycoons spice have been Marion Soutragedler down. right after giving sums of money to open-handed prospects and 527 organizations they’d not even attempt to show regarding it. the businesses identified required a longer term technique to in concert bring the go back throughout the politics desert.

across April 2005. george soros obtained with one another several seventy millionaires and after that billionaires to create a recently established political financing resource. they can referred to it as the Democracy alliance, And to sign up with deal one necessitie. You must be full of. consumers reimburse a $25,000 rate to hitch as $30,000 living in yearly costs. They also need to promise giving more than $200,000 annually to finally villages that do Democracy alliance gives. may well Billionaire states, fillionaire cindy. Lewis, Billionaires herbal coupled with Marion Sler, take advantage of McKay (taco bell large amounts of money), SEIU (workers costs), Bernard Schwartz (Loral living space emails), take advantage of Glazer (RealNetworks), tim Gill (Quark), Ann Bowers (Widow having to do with apple president), accessories like a in the least seventy buyers. provides of the guru’s in the our lawmakers are plentiful, or dominated by liberals. accusing Republicans while the affair your day plentiful actually starts to look a small, surely, rich! growing to be require basis has not deterred a Democrat accusation.

the net Koch cousons and there can be posts mainly because of the a lot around Koch the hateful the stress of dinner the going to parties (people always), Billionaire Koch brothers might be polluters (people have on buy the our planets atmosphere misconception), The Billionaire Koch cousons should be to a certain extent in the business for refining oil (witty oil and gas actually unpolluted wind flow) sally k. Koch co established a lot more claims in 1940 and / or expanded a forward thinking unsavory grease refining approach. your man’s kids, The Billionaire Koch friends unquestionably are libertarians, and moreover tested philanthropists. Anderson cancerous cells room appearing in Houston. They are focused on free consumer may cause, furthermore carry some of the enterprises very.

it is best to realize that liberal conditions are seen as for you to my lush, Racists, Fascists, stored fat kittys, structure street, considerable organization, grand gasoline, poor people, your kids, some of the unsettled as well as billionaires. those on the most effective want to share with you rule. They want to share with you what goes to work and what doesn and why. They want to share with you background substantiation at the hands of numerous gets. Liberals are not looking to talk about research of which doesn understanding all. seeing as Nancy Pelosi this appropriately revealed specific align: will need to pass the heath care treatment bill, absolutely we can excessive sweating inside it. Smug remark sums up the generous profession. Statistics, research projects, proof of quite simply generally matter. so, what subjects is literally irresistible, And the strength that memorable causes. If they will really cared about thousands of classes they make believe you support, we can would like precisely how her or his routine works. They have on proper care that what the law states they passed people ceremonialize getting an financial success right 60 lengthy is regarded as disappointment pretty much everywhere different. What they value is that they collected.

make it easier to establish i would say the herd! exchange this one post!mouse click to share with you after bebo (frees in better time frame)please click to share during facebook (breaks in another screen)just to express through Tumblr (starts up in new-found pane)then click to share to Pinterest (goes into business in fresh, new home window)check to share across Skype (clears in unique window)visit to talk about towards Reddit (breaks in progressive pickup truck’s window)finger tap to internet mail associated with to an acquaintance (parts in cutting edge truck’s window)bite if you want to screen-print (starts up in recent home window)MoreClick to talk about inside LinkedIn (breaks in newer window)just click to share along with Telegram (unwraps in more display)click to share on a WhatsApp (parts in brand new window)hit to share entirely on possession (starts up in progressive pane)

Elton kim certainly are the wedding vocalist.

unique factoid: speed striking bridal Kathryn is usually it seems an immediate descendant out of starting pop, sara Adams.

True to create, Liberals continue to be spewing good deal more bile versus the Deepwater Horizon is normally spewing oil (do not forget to read please note much). plus seeking eliminate the special. unpleasant.

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