Regency Bonnet Pattern - Virginia


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Virginia, a striking Regency style, is a stovepipe poke bonnet that sits just above the hairline and is especially comfortable for smaller heads. When introduced around 1810, the Virginia had a short raised crown and a modest brim that framed the face. As the decade progressed, brims grew deeper and more flared and the crown grew taller to accommodate elaborate hairstyles.

​The Virginia Regency Bonnet Pattern includes 3 interchangeable brims and 3 headpieces to create a wide variety of looks. Brim one is shallow and squared at the cheek. Brim two has nice smooth curve. Brim three is a deeper version of brim 1. Brims two and three have an optional cutup at the back of the brim for late teens impressions. The headpieces include a straight stovepipe, a tapered stovepipe and a shaped stovepipe. The straight stovepipe appears flare to the tip because the tip is a circle and the brim opening an oval. The tapered headpiece reduces the size of the tip making it appear to be a straight stovepipe. The shaped headpiece is shorter in the front in the back allowing the brim to flare more around the face. ​

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