Mr Darcy's Guide to Pemberley


A lovely idea superbly realised, Mr Darcy's Guide to Pemberley is the perfect gift for any devotee of Pride and Prejudice. It's a feast of image and text, and a collector's item to treasure.

From its very first appearance 200 years ago on the pages of Jane Austen's masterpiece, Pemberley has captured the hearts and imagination of generations and fashioned its own army of devoted followers. This book gives you the opportunity to walk the grounds of Pemberley guided by its master, none other than Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy himself. Mr Darcy invites you to visit his home and discover its beauty and secrets, led by him every step of the way.

Stylishly presented, full of beautiful illustrations, carefully researched descriptions, detailed maps and gentle references to Jane Austen's immortal text - this book is an amazing present for an Austen enthusiast as well as to anyone who loves the English countryside and is interested in history.

Foreword by Caroline Jane Knight, 5th great niece of Jane Austen and founder of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation.  Hardback 28 x 21 cm.

"This sumptuous book allows us to tour Pemberley in a new and unique way in the company of its illustrious owner." - Hazel Mills, Founder Member of The Jane Austen Cambridge Group

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