Bronze Elizabeth-Darcy Pride and Prejudice Earrings


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Inspired by the pages of Jane Austen's most notable novel, these sturdy but elegant bronze-plated drop earrings make the perfect gift for the discerning Austenite.

These beautiful bronze plated Pride and Prejudice Earrings take inspiration from Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice which was first published in 1813.

These classic earrings contain small cutouts of text from the book's pages featuring the name's Darcy & Elizabeth.
The page on the earrings you receive may differ from the ones in the picture as it may be taken from a different page of the same vintage book - but it will still contain the name 'Darcy' and 'Elizabeth''.

Please note that the earrings are not waterproof.

    • Bronze plated

    • Images encased in glass

    • Approx 17mm in diameter

A fan for a Jane Austen fan - perfect!

Also available in stunning silver

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