Playing Jane Austen - Parlour Plays by Rosina Filippi


Playing Jane Austen by Rosina Filippi - Original scenes from Jane Austen novels adapted into parlour plays for drawing-room performances.

Playing Jane Austen was the first dramatic adaptation of Austen’s novels – a critical success when it was first published in 1895, it's guaranteed to delight Jane Austen fans and lovers of theatrical and literary history alike.

The grasping social climber, the tiresome neighbour, the spirited heroine, the most unsuitable of suitors, and, of course, the perfect love match, are all some of Jane Austen's timeless literary inventions. Accompanied by period illustrations, stage directions and advice on the correct silks and muslins to wear, this Victorian collection of the best scenes from Austen’s novels showcases Austen’s craft at its best.

First published as short parlour plays in 1895, Austen’s most timeless literary inventions all play a part, from grasping social climbers, tiresome neighbours, spirited heroines, to unsuitable suitors, flighty flirts, and, of course, the perfect love match. Evoking the romance of Victorian drawing-room entertainment, this compact pocket edition illustrates how Austen was as loved for her humour and social critique in times gone by as she is today.

About the author and illustrator

Rosina Filippi (1866–1930) was a progressive actor and director who was associated with many of the theatrical greats of her generation. In 1913 she established a People’s Theatre, advocating affordable theatre for all. Filippi was also an advocate for women’s rights.
Margaret Fletcher (1862–1943) was an English illustrator and amateur actor. She was a social critic and feminist and went on to found the Catholic Women’s League.
  • Playing Jane Austen is an illustrated hardback book with 160 pages.

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