The Regency Book Of Drinks


Quaffs, Quips, Tipples and Tales from Grosvenor Square by Lady Thornwood. The Regency Book Of Drinks is a Regency Inspired fun-filled cocktail book.

Celebrate the fancies and foibles of Regency England, with more than seventy-five cocktail recipes inspired by the period. Served alongside a dose of high society gossip - narrated by Lady Thornwood, in a Bridgerton style.

Lady Thornwood is the sharp-quilled alter ego of Amy Finley, whose great-grandfather was a turn-of-the-century saloonkeeper.  Finley previously was the in-house drinks writer for San Diego Hospitality group Consortium Holdings.  Her writing has appeared in Bon Appetit, Departures and Good Housekeeping.  Hardback. 173 pages.

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