Austen Girls - Hardback Edition


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Sisters Jane and Cassandra Austen were inseparable and sought one another's approval in all important decisions. Helen Amy asks would Jane have become a novelist without Cassandra?

Austen Girls: The Story of Jane & Cassandra Austen, the Closest of Sisters by Helen Amy

Jane and Cassandra Austen were the closest of sisters from early childhood. Cassandra was the most important person in Jane s life, Jane looked up to and adored her older sister, who was devoted to and adored her in return. As well as sharing the same education, interests, friends and Christian faith, the inseparable sisters supported each other through various emotional crises and family troubles. Most importantly, Cassandra, who was privy to Jane s imaginary world, supported and encouraged her in her writing.

The Austen Girls explores the lives of the Austen sisters and traces their special relationship throughout Jane s life and literary career, until Jane s premature death at the age of forty-one. It also looks at Cassandra s life after the loss of her sister.


304 pages

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