Jane Austen Calligraphy Pen and Nib Set


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Beautiful and unusual Jane Austen Calligraphy Pen and Nib set.

All of the nibs in this set are Leonardt nibs. These nibs do not need much pressure to give a great result, and we have found that the Leonardt nibs are especially good for delicate upstrokes. These nibs have a reduced contrast effect which leads to an elegant antique look. Perfect for Austen-style writing.
    Set contains:
  • One sleek wooden nib holder

  • Six choices of nib for achieving a variety of effects (including two flat end nibs for wide sweeping strokes)

  • Can be tucked away in the Jane Austen paper wallet which is also included in this enchanting set.

This will make a lovely gift for yourself, or for anybody else who would like to practice the beautiful art of penmanship and calligraphy.

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