Jane Austen in Bath - Walking Tours of the Writer's City by Katharine Reeve

This beautifully illustrated guidebook weaves together the story of Jane Austen's own life in Bath with the stories of the unforgettable characters in her novels.

When Austen lived there at the turn of the eighteenth century, Bath was one of the most fashionable cities in England. Today, with its perfectly preserved Georgian architecture and stunning surrounding countryside, it looks much as it did in Austen's day and remains one of the loveliest cities in England.

  • The four delightful walks mapped in this book take readers to Bath's unique crescents, to its verdant pleasure gardens and ancient Roman spas, and to the majestic Pump Room and Assembly Rooms, site of the glittering balls where Austen's heroines made their debuts.
  • Katharine Reeve is an editor and writer. She is a former Editorial Director and History Commissioning Editor at Oxford University Press. She live in Bath.
  • Jane Austen in Bath is an illustrated hardback book with 138 pages.

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