Jane Austen's Hampshire


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Jane Austen's Hampshire

"Hampshire provided the cradle for Jane Austen's talent and the peace and stability for the blossoming of her genius" Terry Townsend

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader in possession of a good book gains further pleasure from knowing where the author lived, loved and found inspiration.
In the case of Jane Austen, this was predominantly in Hampshire, the historic and beautiful county where she spent most of her days.

By following in the steps of Jane Austen through Hampshire you will discover the great cities she knew, market towns where she shopped, villages where she lived and visited friends, country parks where she strolled, country houses where she danced and churches where she worshipped.

In this fascinating and beautifully illustrated book, Terry Townsend takes us on a journey of discovery through this most characteristic of English shires, tracing the life of one of English literature’s most beloved figures.

  • Hardback

  • 144 Pages

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