Luxury Regency Umbrella Parasol


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The elegant pagoda shape of this waterproof dual purpose umbrella-parasol will turn heads come rain or shine.

Sadly, it can’t always be sunny, but these Regency-style umbrellas can be used as either a parasol when it’s fine out, or as an umbrella when the weather is wet (yes, they are waterproof!).

Our luxury Regency umbrella has a charming pleated frill detail and is fitted with an automatic opening mechanism for ease of use. Other features of our luxury Regency umbrellas are a leatherette crook handle with stitched edging, a chrome steel shaft, and strong, light, and flexible fibreglass ribs. We have three colours to choose from; striking red, soft cream, or pure white.

In the 18th and 19th century, parasols were viewed as an essential element of a lady’s ensemble – just as much so as gloves, bonnet, shoes and stockings. Owning multiple parasols in order to match specific outfits was a sign of wealth and status.

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