Pride and Prejudice and Puzzles


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"Really, Mr. Collins," cried Elizabeth with some warmth, "you puzzle me exceedingly..."- Pride and Prejudice

Enter the world of Pride and Prejudice and Puzzles, a beautifully realised puzzle collection that transports you to Jane Austen's England - a land of polite intrigue and conjugal contrivance. Permit yourself the indulgence of an interval of recreation and amusement to make your acquaintance with the riddles and conundrums contained within; for you are sure to receive no inconsiderable pleasure from the puzzling over and resolving of them.

Your quest for an amiable distraction will be over, leaving your curiosity entirely satisfied. Puzzles there are plenty, clues there are many, and the pages are handsomely decorated with fine engravings entirely suited to the subject matter.

  • Hardback

  • 224 pages

  • 25cm x 18cm

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