Regency Chatelaine - Thimble Case on Chain


Beautiful and functional - what a lovely idea! Bring the Regency Chatelaine back into fashion...

What is a chatelaine? A chatelaine is an ornamental appendage worn by ladies of fashion, such as keys, glasses, handbags or purses.

Our Regency Chatelaine Thimble Case is both useful and attractive! Beautifully interwoven stems of flowers make for a charming case, which is large enough to keep your thimble enclosed within when not in use. The pewter case hangs from a long and comfortable chain.

Each chatelaine comes in an elegant black gift box, and looks wonderful as a statement piece of jewellery as well as being a useful tool.

  • The outside measurement of the case is 4.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.
  • The inside measurement of the case is 2cm x 2cm x 3cm.
  • The chain is 75 cm long.
  • Supplied in a gift box.

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