Regency Seam Ripper - Ornate Pewter


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Calling all stitchers and dressmakers - next time you need to undo a line of stitching, do it in elegant Regency style!

Our stylish new pewter seam ripper, with its ornate floral handle, is perfect for when you need to quickly undo a line of stitching that didn’t quite go to plan. Quicker than using scissors and better for the fabric (less chance of cutting a hole!), a seam ripper is an essential piece of kit for any stitcher.

N.B. When not in use the sharp point is safely encased in the small cover provided and each seam ripper comes in its own velvet drawstring bag for safe-keeping.

  • Material: Pewter

  • Length of ripper: 7.5cm approx.

  • Supplied in velvet drawstring bag

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