Ribbon Embroidered Reticule

A beautiful reticule, decorated with ribbon flower embroidery. Fun for you or as a gift.

"... she saw her with a sort of anxious parade of mystery fold up a letter which she had apparently been reading aloud to Miss Fairfax, and return it into the purple and gold reticule by her side..." - Jane Austen, Emma

No Regency gown is complete without a reticule, and especially elegant is a ribbon embroidered reticule. Made from a delicate sheen satin with drawstring closure, this is the perfect way to complete your vintage look.

These elegant bags became essential accessories when pockets ceased being sewn into the fashionable skirts and dresses of the era. A lady of Jane Austen's time would use her reticule to carry those items it was most necessary to keep to hand, such as her handkerchief, fan and perfume - or perhaps, as in the case of Mrs Elton, a mysterious letter or two!

  • Closes with drawstring pull-cords and tassels

  • Fully lined

  • Six beautiful colours to choose from

  • Measures 175mm wide by 220mm high (6 7/8 inches by 8 1/2 inches) when flat

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