The Genius of Jane Austen by Paula Byrne


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"I am tempted to say this is the best book on Jane Austen I have ever read." - Paul Johnson, The Spectator

A radical look at Jane Austen as you’ve never seen her – as a lover of farce, comic theatre and juvenilia. The Genius of Jane Austen explores why her books make such awesome movies, time after time.
Jane Austen loved the theatre. She learned much of her art from a long tradition of English comic drama and took joyous participation in amateur theatricals. Her juvenilia, then Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma were shaped by the arts of theatrical comedy. Her admiration for drama’s dialogue, characterisation, plotting, exits and entrances is why she has been dramatised so successfully on screen in the last twenty years and these versions are at the centre of her continuing fame, culminating in her celebration on the new £10 note.

  • Written by Paula Byrne, Austen expert and author of The Real Jane Austen

  • Updated 2017 edition

  • Paperback, 334 pages

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