The Jane Austen Pocket Bible (signed by the author Holly Ivins)


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The perfect gift for a Jane Austen literary lover. A beautiful hardback edition which has a dust cover and gold embossing on the spine. Each copy is signed by the author Holly Ivins.

Have you ever dreamt of Darcy? Wished for Wentworth? Or even envied the womanly wiles of Emma? Perhaps you want to know a bit more about the author who so accurately describes the ins and outs of courtship, and whose novels have never been out of print since they were first published nearly 200 years ago?

This handy little book guides you through:

  • Austen’s beloved novels

  • Explaining Regency manners and the class system

  • The importance of inheritance, and the delicate matter of landing a husband

  • Fascinating trivia about the world of Jane Austen’s novels

  • Details of Jane Austen’s life

  • The writers who inspired her

  • The country estates which make up the settings for her romantic adventures

  • Details on the countless film and television adaptations which have been made

  • Facts on genteel dancing

  • A plan for a Jane Austen styled dinner party

A must-have for every self-confessed Jane Austen fan or those making their first foray into Jane Austen’s carefully crafted world.

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