The Oxford Illustrated Dictionary of 19th Century Language


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Do you know your cannikin from your cambric? What would you do with a rowel? And is it possible to make a sally while setting off on a sally? Find out with this delightful compendium!

This unique dictionary of 19th Century language provides clear definitions and example sentences for 3000 interesting, peculiar and difficult words found in 19th century writing. As well as help with unfamiliar usage of modern words and dialect, the dictionary includes letter opener facts, panels on the context of the period, and an illustrated section on themes such as transport, crime, fashion and childhood. By demystifying the language of the time and putting its use in context, it will help readers to better access, understand, and enjoy the novels, poems, newspaper, and magazine articles of the 19th century. An indispensible companion, ideal for GCSE English Literature students, and anyone who loves 19th century writing but has always wondered what a fiacre is!

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