The Wit & Wisdom of Jane Austen Edited by Joelle Herr


"Wisdom is better than wit, and in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side" - Jane Austen to Fanny Austen, 1814.

The Wit & Widom of Jane Austen is a treasure trove of 175 quips from the beloved writer.

No wiser or wittier words have been spoken than by one of the world's most celebrated writers, Jane Austen.  Nor have her words ever been presented in such an elegant and thoughtful fashion than in this lovely collection.  Covering the timeless topics of happiness, family, fashion, beauty, human nature, society, and, of course, love and marriage, each quip has been curated from Austen's novels and private letters.

For more of Jane's correspondence, see the Selected Letters of Jane Austen

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