William Kilburn Inspired Teabag Tidy - Set of 2


Shaped like a teapot, our charming Teabag Tidy is the perfect accessory for a keen tea drinker!  Keep it by your kettle, and use as a place to put used teabags.

Born in Dublin, William Kilburn (1745–1818) was a celebrated designer and printer of calico, as well as an illustrator for the botanist William Curtis' Flora Londinensis  

Our William Kilburn inspired Teabag Tidy comes as a set of 2.  Each set is two different colours, complementing each other perfectly.

  • Also available in matching Placemats and Coasters.
  • Keep next to your kettle, and use as a place for used teabags
  • Not suitable for use in direct contact with food
  • One of each colour supplied
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