Размещение Гордость и предубеждение

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I got only 4 out of 16 , I got unhappy with the result so please can I have the right answers.

Carmen Aguilar февраль 19, 2021

I got 10/16 because I placed “Mr Bingley leaves the neighbourhood to go to London” as the first occurrence, as his going to “town” was the reason for declining the Bennet’s invitation to dinner, as mentioned at the beginning of chapter three. At this point he had not yet met the Bennet ladies, only the father.
Is there anyone else who reasoned the same way I did?

Brenda T февраль 19, 2021

These quizzes are great. The only problem I have is that I can only see a limited amount of panels in teh quiz between the banner which won’t go further up to the top and the lower band listing the web pages which seem to come together every time I move a panel. Then they don’t want to separate again so I can see the quiz. Not sure what can be done about it but it’s frustrating.

Zoe февраль 17, 2021

Very disappointed, am unable to access the quiz, second time this has occurred!

Valerie Plummer февраль 17, 2021

I got 16/16, but I had a hard time deciding the order of Mr Collins’s proposal and Mr Bingley’s leaving the neighborhood to go to London. I could have just as easily got them out of order, for they seem to have occurred on the same day. But I believe the proposal scene is at least described first. I do agree with others, as to its being somewhat of a trick question.

Janet Remmers февраль 17, 2021

Got 14 out of 16 correct. I, too, missed the Mr. Collins proposal and the Mr. Bingley leaving incorrect. Forgot it happened on the same day. Yes, rather a trick question, but it was fun nonetheless.

Irene Machuca Berman февраль 17, 2021

Thanks that was fun x

Julie Bolam февраль 16, 2021

No fair to not show the answers after.

Vicki февраль 16, 2021

I did it the wrong way around and so got 0/16. I assume from that I got all right.

Lolly Poke февраль 16, 2021

Mr Collins proposal and Mr Bingley leaving for London occur on the same day with no real indication which comes first chronologically. Rather a trick question.

Adam Quinan февраль 16, 2021

A fun quiz to take!

Serena февраль 16, 2021

Please let me have the right order. I scored 11 out of 16.

Vida Cody февраль 16, 2021

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