Джейн Остин Викторина - Любящие слова

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These were fun. Didn’t get them all right but almost. Yes, I really appreciate the work this took to make up this test.

Irene Machuca Berman февраль 17, 2021

These quizzes are an excellent way to celebrate our obsession with the work of Jane Austen. While I am not creative enough to develop a quiz I certainly enjoy taking part in the process of completing them!

Trish Johnson февраль 13, 2021

Great fun, thank you. Yes, I do love the novels!

Caroline Jones февраль 12, 2021

I agree, Kate. The quizzes are brilliant, and really make you think. I also love the visuals that accompany them.

Margaret Mills февраль 12, 2021

Love these quizzes. Reminds me I must read more Jane Austen ☺☺

kate thorpe февраль 12, 2021

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