Paper Ships: An Austen Inspired Flotilla

Paper Ships: An Austen Inspired Flotilla

In October, 1809, Jane Austen was busy entertaining her nephews, Edward's children, after the death of their mother. She wrote to Cassandra with a round up of their busy schedule, which included games, constructing ships from paper, and walks about town:
"We do not want amusement: bilbocatch, at which George is indefatigable; spillikins, paper ships, riddles, conundrums, and cards, with watching the flow and ebb of the river, and now and then a stroll out, keep us well employed; and we mean to avail ourselves of our kind papa's consideration, by not returning to Winchester till quite the evening of Wednesday."

Anne Elliot entertains her nephews with paper ships (Persuasaion, 1995).

Anne Elliot entertains her nephews with a paper flotilla (Image from Persuasaion No doubt, this time with her brother's children was excellent practice for writing the character of Anne Elliot in Persuasion. Paper ships are quite easy to make and can become addicting. The directions, however, are easier shown than described. Watch the following video, or visit wikihow for detailed instructions.

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