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Article: More Funding Announced For Cultural And Heritage Institutions

More Funding Announced For Cultural And Heritage Institutions

More Funding Announced For Cultural And Heritage Institutions

Just last year, a fund was established by the UK Government to support cultural institutions in England who were suffering financially as a result of the global pandemic. Initially, the fund was intended to be a one off donation to make sure these cultural institutions survived the first national lockdown, although a second round was issued earlier this year and now a third has just been allocated this month. 

As life is getting back to normal, it is great to see funding being provided for the maintenance of historic sites. Nadine Dorries expressed that this third round of funding is intended to help institutions “recover better from the pandemic" and we are particularly excited to hear that the wonderful team at Jane Austen's House, Chawton have secured funding. 

We were also particularly thrilled to hear that Queen Charlotte's Cottage, located within the grounds of Kew Gardens, has been allocated funding. Charlotte's cottage was erected in 1771 and was used by the royal family as a place to rest, have tea and recuperate after a walk about Kew. It is thought Queen Charlotte and King George spent many of their summers at Richmond Lodge, now known as Kew Palace, and thus led to her desire for a smaller dwelling built in the style of cottage orné. 

Queen Charlotte's Cottage, Kew


As we are sure you agree, it is absolutely vital we preserve historic sites and protect our heritage institutions, for without them we would certainly lose valuable links to our past. 

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