Immersive Experience Launched to Coincide With the Jane Austen Festival

Immersive Experience Royal Crescent

A new immersive experience is being launched at No.1 Royal Crescent here in Bath, opening on the 11th and running for just over a week. The experience will coincide with this years Jane Austen Festival, adding even more merriment to the celebrations. 

The new immersive experience will explore what life was like for those residing in Bath during the Georgian period, both above and below stairs. The exhibition will place the house within the context of Austen's novels and uses passages from her writing to bring the building to life. 

The experience incorporates live actors as well as digital projections, taking visitors through the dining room, the parlour, up the grand staircase to the drawing room, and finally up to the very top floor to see the gentleman's bedroom accompanied by truly magnificent views of Bath. 

The exhibition will delve into some of the experiences Jane herself enjoyed at the Royal Crescent, such as promenading the grounds. You can experience this yourself by joining us on the 11th of September for our Costumed Regency Promenade, starting at The Holburne Museum and making your way down Great Pulteney Street. Why not really get into the spirit by donning our Jane Design Regency Nightgown, or expressing your fondness for Jane with one of our Jane Austen Bags? We cannot wait for the celebrations to begin!

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Words by Hannah England

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Any chance one might participate via Zoom?

Betty Smith September 05, 2021

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