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Article: A New Jane Austen Movie Is In The Works!

A New Jane Austen Movie Is In The Works!
Anne Elliot

A New Jane Austen Movie Is In The Works!

A New Jane Austen Movie Is In The Works!

Netflix is continuing their theme of producing popular period dramas by releasing a new adaptation of Jane Austen's Persuasion. After the phenomenal success of Bridgerton and the hype surrounding the new Regency themed dating show Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment In Dating, Netflix has taken the next step by retelling the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth with a contemporary twist. Whilst this contemporary twist is still a mystery, we have still been promised the unconforming Anne we know and love from the novel. 

Previously adapted by the BBC in 2007, this rendition of Persuasion will see the critically acclaimed theatre director Carrie Cracknell make her cinematic debut. Netflix has announced that filming has begun and released some sneak peek images. We are glad to see Bath as one of the primary shooting locations, as a great deal of the novel is set here in Bath. It is supposed the film will be released sometime next year and we are all excited to see British actors Cosmo Jarvis and Henry Golding take on the roles of Captain Wentworth and Mr Elliot respectively.


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Any word on if anyone will ever bring the Watsons to the screen? Sanditon was fantastic.


Also… join the Grammar Police… but Netflix is a single entity… therefor it should be Netflix HAS … not Netflix have.

Love this site, regardless!!



Please, MissAusten would be shocked. It’s sneak peek, not peak! Enjoy your newsletters bery much. Thank you!

Patricia Clarke

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