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Article: News for Austen Enthusiasts: June 2022

Jane Austen Works - Vol 1

News for Austen Enthusiasts: June 2022

Summer is well and truly upon us in the UK - it might be a little too upon us, actually. It's very hot! Perfect weather to slather on the SPF and sit out with a good book. What's your favourite Austen novel to read in the summer? 

As usual, here is everything you might have missed in the world of Jane Austen this June. 

Trailer for Netflix Persuasion invites controversy

Netflix's Persuasion, starring Dakota Johnson, is right up on the horizon, and Austen fans have been debating the trailer. It seems that a wisecracking and witty approach has been taken to Anne Elliot's character, something that many have suggested is not entirely in step with Austen's original. The wait is almost up, however, with the full film dropping on Netflix on July 15th. Then we can decide for ourselves whether this one is hot or not. 

The Austen review of Fire Island is here

In more film news, the Jane Austen team has finally seen Fire Island, Joel Kim Booster's LGBTQ+ take on Pride and Prejudice. Hazel, from our review team, checked it out for us.

Jane Austen holiday destination goes on sale

Lyme Regis was an incredibly popular seaside destination in Austen's day, with the location making an appearance in Persuasion. Now, you could be the owner of  Sea Tree House, where Austen stayed in its days as a boarding house - that is, if you have £1.5 million to hand. Eep!

Ever wanted to cook like Austen's contemporaries?

Someone has done just that. In her article, Nusrah Javed cooks her way through a book of Regency recipes, rating them for ease and taste. It's super interesting! 

Austen costumes go on display!

Here's one for our stateside readers. Jane Austen: Fashion & Sensibility brings to the US public a selection of costumes from some of your favourite Jane Austen TV and Movie adaptations, including costumes from the Winslet and Thompson Sense and Sensibility and the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice. On at the Taft in Cincinnati until early September. 

As always, we would love to know if we have missed anything, as well as all your thoughts on the news! Also, if you're planning an Austen themed event, play, lecture, or any other kind of get together you think we'd be interested in, please do get in touch! We'd love to give you a shout out. 

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