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Article: News for Austen Enthusiasts: March 2022

First volume of the works of Jane Austen

News for Austen Enthusiasts: March 2022

Jane Austen : Volume the First

Spring has sprung - or at least it should have! Here in the UK, we've had something of a cold snap these last few weeks. Now is the perfect time for a Spring clean. For me that always means reorganising my bookshelves. I don't necessarily alphabetise, but I have to have all my books by the same author shelved together. How do you shelve your books - alphabetically, by colour, or something more chaotic? We'd love to hear where your Austens find themselves on your shelves. 

If you're short of reading material at the moment, here's all the Jane Austen news from the last month to satiate your cravings! 

Sanditon Returns

After underwhelming viewing figures this side of the Atlantic, it looked like curtains for Sanditon on ITV. However, after a passionate campaign by fans, Sanditon returned to TVs state-side this month, premiering on PBS Masterpiece and BritBox. What did we think of the new season? 

Some initial thoughts from the New York Times. >>

Iconic Firth Darcy shirt goes on display

There's no need to blush, we all know the shirt I'm talking about. Yes, that one. The iconic 'lake scene' shirt from the 1995 Pride and Prejudice is going on public display at Chawton as part of their Jane Austen Undressed exhibition, which explores the undergarments of the Regency Period. 

More at the Guardian >> 

Reviews are in on Kingston Persuasion

Last month, we shared our excitement for the new adaptation of Persuasion, which went up at The Rose, Kingston. The reviews have been a mixed bag - it certainly seems intriguing. 

The Telegraph have described it as 'Jane Austen meets Lizzo' >>

Prenuptial Austen reading a must?

As life-long Austen fan and academic Dr Ruth Wilson approaches 90, she discusses how Austen's novels have influenced her throughout her life. A key piece of advice she would give young soon to-be-wed couples? Read Pride and Prejudice.

Read more of Dr Wilson's sage advice at the Sydney Morning Herald >>

New Karen Joy Fowler hits shelves

Fans of The Jane Austen Book Club will be delighted to here that author Karen Joy Fowler has added another book to our shelves - Booth. Booth follows the family of the same name as they grow up in rural Baltimore, the American Civil War on the horizon. As the six Booth siblings grow into adulthood, one of them will change history with quite a theatrical assassination.

Learn more about Booth >>

Austen in the UAE!

We know that Austen has appeal all over the world, so we were delighted to hear about the inaugural meeting of JASE - the Jane Austen Society of the Emirates. The society calls themselves 'whimsical and welcoming.' 

Learn more at Khaleej Times >>

Slightly less bodice-ripping for Bridgerton Season 2 

Shondaland's Bridgerton shocked us all last year with its *ahem* raunchy scenes. It seems that for Season 2, the show has toned it down a little, opting for a bit more of the characteristic restraint of other period pieces. What do you think? Is less more? 

More at The Telegraph >>

First look at Fire Island

For fans of a more out-of-the-box Austen interpretation, Fire Island is an exciting prospect. The brainchild of comedian Joel Kim Booster, this gay retelling of Pride and Prejudice promises a unique blend of comedy, commentary and queer joy. Catch it on Hulu this summer.

See the first images at Vanity Fair >>

Box Hill a top picnic spot

Regular visitors will not be surprised to find out the forever-swamped Box Hill is one of the UK's top six picnic spots. According to, visitors love making a trip to the hill, which features in Emma. It's a great spot for Londoners to get away for the day! 

More at Surrey Live >>

Women's Prize longlist announced 

We at the Jane Austen Centre are always keen to champion women writers, so it's always exciting to see which books make the Women's Prize Longlist. The list features sixteen great titles across an array of genres. Which are you going to pick up first? 

The shortlist will be announced on April 27th. 

See the full longlist >>

As always, we would love to know if we have missed anything, as well as all your thoughts on the news! Also, if you're planning an Austen themed event, play, lecture, or any other kind of get together you think we'd be interested in, please do get in touch! We'd love to give you a shout out. 


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