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Article: News for Austen Enthusiasts: November 2022

News for Austen Enthusiasts : November 2022
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News for Austen Enthusiasts: November 2022

Gosh, it's really getting dark outside isn't it? It's dark when I leave for work in the mornings and dark again when I get home to put the kettle on. December means that we're almost at that shortest day, though, and can soon look forward to more daylight once again. But first, Christmas! 

Now, before we get too ahead of ourselves, it's time to recap all of November's Jane Austen news.

Are Austen-inspired books any good? 

Here at the Austen blog, we're immersed in all things Austen, for better or worse. This means we see a lot of adaptations, reimaginings and reinterpretations of Austen's work, in film and print. Sadly, not all of it is great, but it's usually all a bit of good spirited fun. In her article for the Washington Post, Clare McHugh chats all things Godmersham Park and whether or not any of these pieces of fanfic stand up to scrutiny. 

Austen from A-Z: Lancaster Lecturer publishes essay collection 

To academia now, where Dr Michael Greaney has found a fun new format for his writing. The Lancaster University academic has just published his new book, An A-Z of Jane Austen, which explores Austen's life of work in a series of twenty-six essays which each explore a different theme or aspect, all in alphabetical order. Dr Greaney's book launches on December 7th. 

Chawton win's Women's Education Award 

One of Jane Austen's other homes, Chawton, has recently been awarded a prestigious award for its contributions to education in early women writers. 2022 Frances Garnham award, presented by Historic Houses, was awarded to Chawton not only for its preservation of Austen's work and home, but for their excellent library, which houses the work of many groundbreaking female writers, as well as their programme of educational events and exhibitions. 

First Look at Sanditon Season 3 

After a fraught and lengthy journey to Season 2, it looks like getting hold of Season 3 of Masterpiece/Britbox's Sanditon is going to be a little less stressful. ITV's controversial decision to axe the show after its first season was met with outcry from fans, so its rescue by online streaming has been welcomed. Now, with a more stable home, the third season is well on its way. In fact, the first images of the new season just dropped. Who's excited? 
Fire Island's Booster wants to do more Gay Austen! 

With a generally warm reception for Joel Kim Booster's LGBTQ+ reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice earlier this year, you might be left wondering if the success of Fire Island could be replicated for Austen's other works. Well, good news, Booster is curious too. In an interview, the screenwriter talks about enjoying the challenge of adaptation and reinterpreting work for a 21st century audience, particularly the intricacies of reimagining characters as LGBTQ+ people in today's world. So, who knows! Which of Austen's works would you like to see him tackle next?

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Austen-themed escape room delights and challenges

Lethbridge Public Library’s Crossings Branch have been delighting locals with their new Austen themed escape room.  The library's staff used their ample knowledge of Austen's work to revamp the escape room concept for a Regency period challenge. It's been such a success, they're going to do some more themes next year - Pokemon and Star Wars are already on the schedule.

Topping and Company celebrates a year in Bath

The nation's beloved independent booksellers, Topping and Company, have been open in Bath for over a year now! The bookshop houses over 70,000 volumes and is every book lovers' dream, with rolling ladders and coffee for browsers. Where better, for a massive bookshop, than in Austen's own Bath? Definitely worth the pilgrimage, if you're already in town to visit us! 

As always, we would love to know if we have missed anything, as well as all your thoughts on the news! 

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