Your Jane Austen-Themed Dating Show Is Here!

Your Jane Austen-Themed Dating Show Is Here!

After the incredible success of the television series Bridgerton just earlier this year, a new Regency inspired dating show is set to hit our screens this winter. Titled 'Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance', the show will feature one leading lady attempt to find her perfect match among a number of different eligible gentlemen in a beautiful castle in the English countryside. There has as of yet been no official date for the premiere of the show, although it is rumoured filming will start early this month and conclude sometime around October. 

Unlike most other dating shows, 'An Experiment in Romance' will see the competitors seek favour by attempting to court the leading lady in all the ways you would expect to read in a Jane Austen romance novel. Think carriage rides, a turn about the grounds, boat trips and a spot of archery- we have been promised to see them all in the new show. Our readers will be particularly excited to hear all communication between the heroine and her suitors will be conducted by letter only. Let us hope they have been stowed away at their desks practicing their letter writing skills!


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