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Article: Gin Austen - An Exclusive Mr Darcy Recipe!

Gin Austen - An Exclusive Mr Darcy Recipe! -

Gin Austen - An Exclusive Mr Darcy Recipe!

We have an exclusive additional Mr Darcy recipe for you Gin Austen fans!

The marvelous Colleen Mullaney, author of the run-away success 'Gin Austen: 50 Cocktails to Celebrate the Novels of Jane Austen', has created an exclusive bonus recipe just for us at the Jane Austen Centre and Online Gift Shop. Gin Austen Mr Darcy's Demise It's called "Mr. Darcy's Demise", and just like Mr Darcy himself, it's strong, delicious, and has a bitter quality to it.


Mr. Darcy's Demise 

Serves 4
6oz. Gin ("I like Hendricks as its not so juniper forward" - Colleen)
4oz. Pineapple juice
1oz. Fresh lime juice
Rosé wine to top - chilled
Edible Blossoms for garnish ("I love using nasturtium blossoms" - Colleen)
In a shaker with ice, pour gin and juices, and shake well. Pour into wine glasses, top with chilled rosé and serve.

Naturally we had to try it out at the first opportunity, and we can attest that, not only is it absolutely delicious and more-ish, but that too many of these could certainly cause the demise of even the most stoic of characters!

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Thank you very much, Ms. Colleen, for sharing Mr. Darcy’s Demise with us! I intend on buying and trying out every cocktail from your book, especially the shrubs!!

Tiffany Brummel

Thank you so much for asking me for a special bonus recipe from Gin Austen!
I do believe Mr. Darcy is deserving of his own cocktail, and this one is perfect for fun warm weather gatherings!

Colleen Mullaney

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