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Article: Instructions for a Regency Updo

Becoming Jane

Instructions for a Regency Updo

Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane These instructions for a Regency style updo were created and modelled by Jennie Chancey of Sense & Sensibility Clothing for In Timely Fashion. Visit their site for other historically inspired hairstyles and historical fashions. It is best to start with slightly damp hair, since it holds curls better and is easier to work with. If you have fine or flyaway hair, I recommend using a bit of lightweight styling gel to keep strands in place! If you do not have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can curl it ahead of time or sleep in pincurls.

Step 1. Pull hair back into a loose ponytail at the neck.

 Step 2. Twist the ponytail up the back of the head, just like you are starting a French twist. Secure the twist at the bottom, middle and top with bobby pins, leaving "leftover" hair alone for now.

Click on thumbnails to view full-sized images in a new window.

Start Updo Step 2 Step 2 B Step 2 C
Step 3. Take the remaining curls and arrange them artistically on top of the head, securing with bobby pins to keep the updo from falling down. What starts out looking like a mess will turn into a lovely hairstyle with a little artful pinning and arranging.
Step 3 Step 3B Step 3C Step 3D
Ta-da! You now have a beautiful Regency hairstyle. Before long, you'll be able to create this hairstyle in less than a minute -- it is so easy!
a la Lizzie Bennet!
Instructions reprinted from In Timely Fashion. Visit their website for other period inspired hairstyles and fashion information.

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Do you know of styles for shorter hair?

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