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Article: Library Window Curtains

Library Window Curtains -

Library Window Curtains

"You will wonder," said she, "what has been fixing my eye so long; but I was looking after some window-curtains, which Lady Alicia and Mrs Frankland were telling me of last night. They described the drawing-room window-curtains of one of the houses on this side of the way, and this part of the street, as being the handsomest and best hung of any in Bath, but could not recollect the exact number, and I have been trying to find out which it could be; but I confess I can see no curtains hereabouts that answer their description." Persuasion

Palladian Window Curtains

It is a common defect in building, attributable to the tax upon windows, that a sufficient number of them are not introduced for the purposes of cheerfulness; and there are many rooms lighted by so few, and the dimensions of them so small, that not only an insufficient supply of light is admitted, but the windows are too narrow, and their dressing too circumscribed to form the proportions suited to the apartments. The annexed plate represents a window of this kind, with the added architectural finishings, by which is is so increased as to have the proportions of a Palladian or Venetian one, and a design for a curtain so suitable to it is introduced in a style adapted to a library or eating room. It is a design very applicable to some rooms which have but one window in each. The following curtain and drapery illustrations were also provided by Ackermann's Repository from 1809 to 1812. French Window Curtains "A French Window Curtain & Grecian Settee", 1809 French Window Curtains "Window Curtains", 1810

"A Set of Continued French Drapery Window Curtains", 1812

Regency Window Curtains "A Set of French Window Curtains", 1812
This article oringally appeared in Ackermann's Repository of Arts, 1815.        

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