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Article: A New Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa Dring

A New Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa Dring -
David Baldock

A New Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa Dring

A New Jane Austen Portrait

Just how do you begin a new portrait of the author so many years after her death? What did Jane Austen really look like?

Forensic artist Melissa Dring takes up a commission by David Baldock to use contemporary eye-witness accounts of Miss Austen's features and character to produce an authentic Jane Austen portrait for the the many visitors interested in what the renowned author really looked like.

Melissa uses here experience of working with the police in facial reconstruction to put together an image that she says is as close as it can be to a definitive likeness. Her work has been internationally recognised and Melissa is in demand as a keynote speaker.

Creating the new Jane Austen portrait from forensic sources.

We know you want to see how she did it so follow the link below to a fascinating article which was first published in 'Jane Austen's Regency World' magazine in early 2003.

New Portrait of Jane Austen


Watching the video clip on how the waxwork was constructed was incredible. Seeing Jane in the wax!! That was just wonderful, she has a very genteel, shy, girl next door look( give or take a couple of centuries) yet you are made aware of a formidable and detemined woman when it comes to putting her point across through her sentimental yet pointed novels. Later women like Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) were only slightly free enough to be a little less subtle. Jane Austen will always be loved by all over the world due to her gentleness and sweet feminity.


We have experienced such an enjoyable reading through this enthralling artisitic work by Melissa Dring.
Be blessed, you and your work!


well i wish i can do all of this but i live in the states not in england (uk)….and i love reading jane austen books………and im trying to find more books from that time era


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