Bergère, Poke and Cottage: Early 19th Century Headwear

Bergère, poke and cottage are all types of Regency bonnet.
"The proliferation of terms used to describe millinery of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries can be overwhelming. This book provides an introduction to the many styles of headwear fashionable in this period. Additionally it explores the millinery trade, as well as contemporary construction techniques."

Serena Dyer book cover

With the publication of Bergere, Poke and Cottage: Understanding Early Nineteenth Century Headwear, Serena Dyer, an accomplished seamstress who specializes in period reproductions, has gathered several of the most common hat and bonnet styles of the Regency and brought them together in this charming little book. I've been sewn literally hundreds of Regency Bonnets in the 12 years since I've opened my shop, and I found the information in her book fascinating! Not only does she devote a section to the different styles of bonnets popular during Jane Austen's era (complete with details about materials used and hand drawn illustrations for each style) she includes a further section on milliners and seamstresses of the time, giving details about their working conditions, shop supplies, services and even pricing. Quoting from fashion journals, private diaries and even period shop accounts, it's clear that she's done her homework and has a lot to offer. Despite it's small size (28 pages), this book is a fun and informative read for anyone looking to know a bit more about Regency bonnets and style. This book would also give fantastic background information to the author looking to place their Regency heroine in a milliner's shop (one of the few "acceptable" occupations for a woman at the time) Bergère, poke and cottage are all types of Regency bonnet. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and have added to my millinery vocabulary (and inventory!) I could wish that more period illustrations had been used, and that color plates had been included, but these are minor complaints when taken in light of the scope of this little book. For color images of period hats and bonnets, try: Hats and Bonnets: From Snowshill, One of the World's Leading Collections of Costume and Accessories of the 18th and 19th Centuries. This book is available in paperback from our giftshop, or as a Kindle edition, from Just a reminder that Bergère, poke and cottage are all types of Regency bonnet.
  • Llist Price: £4.99 GBP
  • Paperback: 28 pages
  • Publisher: Codnor Books (1 Oct 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0957031807
  • ISBN-13: 978-0957031807

Laura Boyle is fascinated by all aspects of Jane Austen’s life. She is the proprietor of Austenation: Regency Accessories, creating custom hats, bonnets, reticules and more for customers around the globe. Cooking with Jane Austen and Friends is her first book. Her greatest joy is the time she is able to spend in her home with her family.

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