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Article: Create a Jane Austen Honeycomb Ornament

Create a Jane Austen Honeycomb Ornament -
Amanda Lee

Create a Jane Austen Honeycomb Ornament

I recently discovered Amanda Lee's amazing blog, House Revivals, and was immediately drawn to how she uses recycled (upcycled) books and pages in her projects. The following ornament can be made from any paper or pages, but think how special it would be when made with pages from Austen's own works! honeycomb ornament instructions

To create this bit of Christmas joy, you'll need 24 pages or pieces of paper, scissors, craft glue, glitter and trims. Begin by folding each sheet in half. Decide what shape you want your final ornament to be (round, oval, tear drop, etc.) and draw *half* of the design on the folded paper, with the fold becoming the center of the opened template. You can fold and cut several pieces at a time to save effort. Once you have all your pages cut, you will want to glue the backs together. Once that has dried, join the two ends, gluing the backs together so that the pages "fan out" as shown. You may wish to paperclip them in place while it dries. Here the ornament is glued together and clipped while drying.

As Amanda says, you could stop here and have a lovely ornament to hang-- just by adding a ribbon, but why not take it up a notch by gluing the remaining pages together in a honeycomb fashion and then sprinkling it with glitter. For full instructions and step by step photos, visit

Here are Amanda's instructions for the honeycomb pattern.
Amanda Lee is an interior designer, writer of House Revivals blog, where you can "Revive your house on any budget. Learn interior design secrets, DIY, score at the thrift store and make stuff!" This project first appeared on her site and is used here with permission.
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