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Article: How To Make A Velum Window Envelope

How To Make A Velum Window Envelope -

How To Make A Velum Window Envelope

Did you know that the "envelope" as we know it, wasn't invented until the 1840's? Letters in Jane Austen's day were sent folded and the letter was actually the envelope; you can read more about  actual letter writing in Jane Austen's times here. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with our Jane Austen correspondence today, does it?  So let's get started! AM 13 A hands on craft project by The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society' Supply list:
  • 1 sheet of vintage script scrapbook paper 12 X 12 in.
  • 1 sheet of clear velum
  • Austen silhouette die cut
  • Austen silhouette  sticker
  • sequins
  • mail tag
  • scissors
  • tape
  • optional: envelope template
Step 1.  Select your scrapbook paper.  I used the vintage script that is similar to the Jane Austen font. AM 1 Step 2.  I used an envelope template by the Kreate-a-lope.  However, you could also make your own template by unfolding an envelope that you enjoy, and tracing on a piece of cardboard. AM2 Step 3.  Place the envelope template on your paper.  It is important to know what is the top and bottom of your template, otherwise you may have an upside down script for your envelope.  This template that I am using is a bit large, so I had to adjust.  The script will be at an angle on the front of my envelope.  I just made it work. Am3 Step 4.  Cut your envelope...don't forget to save the scraps for a future project. AM4 Step 5.  Score your envelope, but do not glue edges just yet. As you can see, the front of my envelope  has the script at an angle, this was necessary with the size of my template. AM5 Step 6.  Open your envelope and  place a 2 inch diameter circle template  in the center of the front of  your envelope. Trace around your circle with a light pencil.  Then cut out the circle. AM7 Step 7.  Place your velum sheet over the circle cut out window.  You will want to make a rectangular 2 sided pocket that is larger than your  cut out window. AM8 Step. 8 Cut your velum. 8 Step 9.  Here is my velum "pocket".  I used scotch tape to close the two sides.  Leave the top of your pocket open for now. AM 10 Step 10.  I glued a Jane Austen silhouette die cut onto the back of my pocket, off center.  Next, find some sparkling tidbits that you have laying around.  I had some sequins, so that is what I used.  Pour a few sequins in your pocket, then close the top of the pocket with scotch tape.  I then placed a pink piece of scrap  paper on the back of my pocket, to add a bit of color.  Secure an address tag over the window and decorate with a silhouette sticker. AM 12 This completes our Jane Austen "velum window" envelope.  I hope you will try this and please send me some pictures of your Austen Mail. AM 13
Lady Pamela is the blogger behind the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society, the blog Lost Art Of Letter Writing Revived and Etsy store LostArtRevived which carries complete Jane Austen Letter Writing Kits for your convenience.
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